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Leo Vince Full System

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I just installed a Leo Vince full 57/60 Ti system on my '04 999R, and all I can say is 'Great balls almighty!' This system rocks, it took me 5 hours to install but I was being very carefull. I shyed away from the Termi's because of the burnt fairing issue so I chose Leo's. Took it for a test ride today and realized I need better ear plugs. At 4000 RPM while cruising the resonance is LOUD. Otherwise the noise levels at lower RPM are tolerable...except to my neighbors..I've yet to dyno it..but I'm thinking at least a 10 HP gain. The pic is near my home in Colorado about 30-45 from my house (30 for me and 45 for my wife). Had a blast but had to cut the ride short because I needed to bleed my clutch. I hopefully will have a dyno chart soon to post. Any comments about tuning would be greatly appreciated.


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Very nice bike... and exhaust!

I've heard from more than a couple of owners that the sound of the Leo Vince SBK exhaust is incredible, almost like being at the WSBK races...

I have friend who installed it on his 749R and while he said it was a fantastic upgrade, the PC3 also made a great difference on smoothing out the power curve. He got 3 more rwhp out of it... so perhaps for the 999r, you might be able to squeeze out another 4-5 (just a guess...), plus smooth throttle.

sblea said:
this post is useless without an audio clip!!!!
This might help in the meantime: http://749r.info/video/749r-04-0149-dyno.mpeg
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