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Anyone got a left hand one lying around, dont need the mirror or winkie.
Yes had a wee off:eek:
Or who sells the aftermarket ones?
Hey Doon, was it a wee off or just a kiss of the old garage door after a couple?:D
Good news is it looks like you suffered little damage. Bad news is that stuff is expensive and there is no aftermarket stuff as far as I know.As a matter of fact, when I mentioned to the parts guy that I had lost one of the little bolts that holds the end of the handguard he told me they would have to warranty the entire handguard assembly!:confused: Unlike most, I kinda like the original handguard/mirror set-up, just wish it were stronger.

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Hey Doon, was it a wee off or just a kiss of the old garage door after a couple?:D.
hyprodookie .... mate you shoulda seen it, total devastation, I am surprised there wasn't more people killed ... as it is the death toll would be easy over 600, the damage to the road is colossal and the old lady that blatantly and knowingly pulled out it front of him should be done for careless use of a walking frame, I thought for a moment she was gonna do a runna ... it was close I tellya, we both dived on her and disarmed her of her walking frame and pinned her to the ground until the cops got there.

What a fucken great story ! :D

K seriously, Doon sorry mate, a real pissa.

Lads, we had just been for a little squirt, he was just leaving my house when his front slid out on a small clump of dirt at the end of my street and he was on the floor in a flash with virtually no pace on :(

The handguard disintegrated, they are absolutely cheaply and poorly made and don't stand a chance when being knocked.

So gents if anyone can help a Tardis brother out would be cool, thankfully Doon didn't get any injuries from this one.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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