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OK you have bought some schmick LED gear and they flash really fast - bummer, not what you wanted!

Reason - the flasher unit is not a relay but an old fashioned bit of kit that depends upon the bulb wattage (resistance) to flash at the the right rate.

LEDs have such low wattage (resistance) that they do not load the flasher unit as it was designed to be loaded.

Simple answer - go to your local hobby electronics store and buy one resistor for each indicator/turn signal that you have.

The value/rating is that you need to ask for is 18 Ohm/5 Watt. Cost is miniscule, wherever you live. In Oz less than 4 cents each.

What now - Anywhere in the "feed" to the LED .... connect the resistor across the two cables (the pos and neg feed) ... this can be inside the indicator, just outside, at a connector .. dah dee dah ... it does not matter where, as long as it is between the two cables that feed the LED signal.

Repeat for each LED.

Don't worry about which way round - resistors are the same which ever way round you connect them.

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