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Hello all

I have had 15 Japanese bikes over the past 35 years, bought my first Ducati a week ago... 2001 ST2 with 24K kilometres, stock.

I gased her up for the first time today, beeing careful as the sticker says not to overfill near the neck of the tank, but 10 minutes later it started leaking when I was driving down a hill, my crotch got soaked with petrol. The cap was on and the key hole was turned.

I found a recall notice on 1998 ST2s for leaking gas caps, but only see that year.

Any thoughts welcome.
Chuck the Canuck

never mind, I found a string of posts called "Leaking Fuel Cap" and all the info I need is there

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So what was the cause and the fix?

Welcome aboard, this is THE place to share your Ducati experience.

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