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Lazer Jammer & Radar Detector??

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Anyone have a recommendation on the best set up to put on my SFS,, Ive been looking around seam to be a bunch of people offering products but any idea what would be best??

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If you want a really good detector get a Valentine, although no model is M/C specific.
Valentine One Radar Detector on Motorcycles
While not cheap to purchase they aren't cheaply made either.

It will depend on your state of residence and the state you use the equipment in as to whether it's legal to own a LIDAR jammer. A RADAR jammer is illegal in all 50.

Just as an FYI, I have written probably 100's of citations in my career to folks with detectors. Smart cops use the "instant on" method for radar or use LIDAR while standing away from their cars. You WILL get a ticket if you're caught on a modern speed detection device by a well versed traffic guy. Best bet is a good demeanor & a savvy traffic lawyer. Either way you're gonna spend some coin.
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