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This is the Last Call to Grid for the Vmoto Reno Historic Races, April 22-23

Thank you to those of you that have already entered Reno, I really appreciate your support for Vmoto and vintage road racing in general!

The bad news is that we are far short of the minimum number of entries to make this event happen. I really hate to cancel events due to lack of interest. Last year we had to canceled 3 of the four races due to lack of entries and based on your response to the Reno event, this year isn't looking much better.

For Vmoto to secure dates for you with race tracks and sanctioning groups, we have to prove that we can bring a strong field. We were able to do it at Laguna Seca, but we need to prove that we can consistently bring a group of 15 to 20 quality bikes to every event. The magic number is 16 just to cover the cost of the insurance, not to mention track time. In the past HMSA has helped out with track time and other extras for our events, but our welcome is wearing thin. We need to prove to them that we can at least cover our fair share of the expenses, which means full fields for the remainder of the year. If that does not happen, our chances of getting any dates for 2007 will be zero.

So if you want Vmoto to continue, and for that matter, vintage road racing to continue on the west coast you really need to make an effort and help fill the grids.

We have to end of business on Friday the 7th to fill the grid or I will be forced to cancel the event.

Entry is easy online: https://secure.webhostinglogic.com/vintagemoto.com/events/reno-priority.html

Or call the office at 650-641-1185

Again, thank you for all your support and lets GO RACING!!!
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