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I just talked to a rep for Ducati NA about this. The changes were a result of massive frustration on the part of spectators in general and motorcyclists specifically. Among other complaints I voiced post MotoGP 05 was the main one: my 916 and my buddies 999R almost blew up because of overheating in grid lock enroute to the track. This in the face of a completely open oppisite lane. But, if you were to use that lane, John Law was waiting to cite you. Imagine that, the one time we had the biggest motorcycle event ever,we are hogtied treated like second class citizens. I was so frustrated on the way out after the races that about 150 of us just said screw it and crossed the center line to get the hell out of there. It still took us forever to get to the main T intersection. What complicated matters worst was a lack of signage and the closure of hgwy 68 because the locals didn't want to hear the noise. I think I'll core out my Termis for this event.

I've got to get well enough to ride by then, part of the fun will be riding to the track now that they made some major concessions. I've heard also they are going to allow pedestrians to cross the track at certain points to relieve the pressure on the pedestrian overpasses. Obviously, when no bikes are present, this should be helpful too.

Now that the above changes will take effect, I'm looking forward to a much better event at Laguna, somewhat bittersweet in view of the fact it will be Rossi's last year.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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