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Laguna Seca 2006

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Does anyone have any info on how DNA is going to handle parking on
Ducati Island this year? Last year I missed out and had to bring a cover for my bike.
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No info yet, but I'm sure it will be handled the same. The key would be to respond quickly once the organizers decide on the opening date/time. Ducati Island filled quickly.
Thanks John, I'll keep an eye open, if anyone gets a heads up please post something. If you are one of the Sacramento guys I hope there is a meeting next month, with all the Holidays out of the way I need a shot of motorcycle spirit and ambiance.
Possible lost ticket

I bought a one day turn 11 grandstand for Sunday's Moto GP race. I think I received the ticket in the mail a couple months ago and now I've misplaced it. To confirm whether I received it at all, have any of you gotten your tickets yet?
I haven't received my tickets as of yet. I did receive a confirmation of the purchase a month or two ago. Maybe that's what you got? I doubt they've sent anything out this early as it would give the more nefarious peeps out there a better chance of counterfeiting them.
thanks, I won't panic yet.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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