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It's been a few days since this happened, but I figure I could share it here. I originally thought the whole event was dumb-luck and bad luck and haven't been a happy camper the last few days. Today it hit me, though......I'm a lucky bastard.......I hit a guardrail and survived!!!!

(Almost a cut-and-paste from a local forum)....

I have no recollection of the crash, but this is what was told to me by Marty who was riding behind me.....

We were going into a set of "S" curves that are nice, smooth, and sweet baby sweepers. As I was going into the left hander, my left footpeg came off the bike. I was told that it looked like I was riding a bucking bronco as I tried to navigate the bike through the curve and try to crawl back onto the bike in order to regain control before the next right curve. I supposively made it through the left-hander and then got bucked off the bike in the small straight. The story goes that I was sliding pretty well in FRONT of the bike until it nailed me in the right thigh and sent me tumbling. The bike and I went across the oncoming lane, the bike glanced off the guardrail and went about 25 feet or so before landing on it's right side. I, on the other hand, tumbled into the guardrail, and got my hips wedged between the lower rail and the ground.......with the only thing keeping me from popping through the guardrail was that the guardrail post nailed me in the lower back.

Marty told me that at some point I had hit my head on the rail before coming to a stop and I was knocked unconscious for about ten to fifteen minutes, I guess coming to every now and again. He said that as he stood over me to shade me from the sun until EMS could get there, I had come to and said, "I bet I scared the shit out of you" and then laughed as I faded back into unconsciousness. I kind of remember saying that. I do remember coming to at some time, realized I was wedged in the guardrail and did a quick assessment of myself and then stating, "I can wiggle all my fingers and toes.....that's a good thing" before slipping off into unconsciousness, again.

Marty and the paramedic that had me in the ambulance stated I was babbling and rambling any time I came to. I remember being in the ambulance and the paramedic asking me what his name was, and I was thinking to myself, "How the fuck should I know?!!!" I guess he saw the puzzled look on my face and then told me, "My name is Jarrod, like the guy in the Subway commercials........I've told it to you three times already."

They life-flighted me to Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC with "Big Mama" (their helicopter)....my second transport by her in less than ten years.

I was in the hospital for about four hours. During this time, they did a CT scan of my head and body. I figure they couldn't find my brain and decided to release me. A coworker informed me that they were looking in the wrong place. :D

I went into work Tuesday (less than 24 hours after the accident) for a half-day, and then wife, 4-yr old daughter, and I went up to pick up my bike and to revisit the crash site. The bike is in better, but also worse, shape than I was hoping. The tank has no dents but some scratches, the whole tailsection is complete but with a couple of scratches, the side fairings and upper fairing are toast, the headlight bucket is trash, but the headlight is fine. There is a small ding in a fork tube from glancing off the guardrail, and the radiator is smashed a bit on the left side from the guardrail. It is definitely repairable, I just hate that it needs to be repaired, especially since I just got it back on the road, again, 1300 miles ago (three weeks?).

Fortunately, I was wearing my brand new Dainese leathers. These leathers have a back protector that attaches to the inside of them and I had the back protector on at the time. There is a crease in the plastic outer covering where the guardrail post hit me across the back. I also believe that the CE armor helped my knees and elbows from being anything but a little sore. The boots (Alpinestar SMX-Plus) and my older style Dainese gloves worked out pretty well also. I had almost worn my older Teknic leathers that do NOT have a back protector (only some foam) and lower level knee and elbow armor (non CE rated) than the Dainese. I'm just glad I had the back protector in my leathers. I'd hate to think what could have been had I not been wearing one. I mean, this is what my back looked like about five hours after the wreck WITH the back protector....

That is a huge welt across my back.

The bike really doesn't look bad in a picture with the fairing removed. I've still got to dig into it to see just how bad it may be. This is a picture of it on the trailer when we picked it up....

BTW - The footpegs on the 748 are aftermarket Lockhart Phillips where the footpeg is held on by a single bolt that holds it onto the block that mounts like the OEM footpeg to the rearset. The pegs had been on the bike about 14,000 miles and I had used blue Lock-tite on the bolt. The previous week something felt weird about the footpeg, but after an inspection just chaulked it up to not riding the bike since December. When I inspected the footpeg, it had not rotated or felt loose, so I just figured it was "OK"....apparently a poor assumption. Needless to say, I'm putting single-piece footpegs back on her.

Mr Leakered
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Wow. Smart thinking with the gear.

I'm very glad to hear you are doing well.

I'm going home to dig the torque wrench out and go over the bike.

Get well.

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Terry, I'm glad you're able to write about it. I'll bet you are sore as hell, but that beats the alternative!! Get well soon.

Looks like you've got another "off season" project, like there ever was a shortage ....

All the best,

I have a button.. BITCHES!
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Will you PUHLEASE.......stop crashing?! That's like the 9th time this year.;)

Ya'll, Terry and I are friends. He's an excellent rider and wears the proper gear. His pace is quick but safe. He just gets the bad mojo from time to time.:mad:

But personally speaking, I hope the dude enjoys many years of motorcycling to come.

Heal up quick dude. :)
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