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Bought some Knox body armor a couple of months ago: Contour "tour" back protector, chest guard and Cross Shorts, worn under a perf and non perf First Gear 2 piece suits.


1. With all 3 pieces worn, I have the physique of Mae West, causing all sorts of unwanted attention. Nothing is sexier to guys than (what they think is) a hot chick in black leathers on a motorcycle. Ooglers promptly barf when I remove my helmet. What? They weren't expecting Victor Mature in drag?

2. Back protector is thick, but seems to give good protection, shoulder blades & all. Only problem is it tends to ride up my back causing neck strain when it and the top of my leathers make contact with the back of my helmet -- not a good thing in a crash, so I have to stop every 50 miles or so to pull the thing down. May have to rig some velcro to the bottom of the protector and the inside seat of my trousers to hold it down proper.

3. Chest protector is beefy and looks like it would give good protection. Only problem is that it's TOO beefy, so it restricts movement and causes fatigue when riding. Can't use it. Maybe if I had leathers bigger in the chest, it would work, but still looks like I'm sporting Triple D cups. May go back to my old (thinner) T Pro chest protector or get a Dainese?

4. Cross shorts are comfortable and look like would protect well in a crash. Plus they give me voluptuous curves in the hips!
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