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decided to look at the belts on my S4R testa tonight, and started thinking:

each cam pulley has 20 teeth.
each belt has 89 teeth.
every revolution of the belt equals 4.45 revolutions of the cam.
the cam revolves once every two revs of the engine, so, at the 11,000 rpm max, the cams are spinning 5,500 rpms, and the belts are spinning at a little over 1,235 rpm's. that's over 20 revs per second that the belts are spinning at the rev limiter on this engine.
if you'll allow me to assume that the average rpm on this engine for the last 9,000 miles has been, say, 3000, at an average speen of, say, 50 mph: that would work out to over 3.6 million revolutions on these belts, and they look fine. this is the kind of shit i think about sometimes after a couple glasse of grape juice.
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