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Kickstand removal

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Hey All,
I did a search but couldn't find anything on this. I'm turning my 748 into a track only bike and I am interested in removing the kickstand and all of the resulting wiring (one of my last things to do). Has anyone done this, and if so, what would be the steps. If there is already a thread on this let me know thanks.

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I've had mine off a few times. IIRC, all you need to do is remove the spring, unbolt the switch, unbolt the stand and unplug the electrical switch. Don't forget to stow the switch wiring that's left behind on the machine.

Take a closer look...you might be able to remove the stand bracket that's attached to the engine too.

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Just unbolt it.

Two hex screws to unbolt the entire kickstand from the engine. I can´t remember if the electrical wire to the ignition should be open or closed to get it to start. Just test it. I seem to recall that the wires must be looped to get it to work (IE: create a short circuit between the wires running to the kickstand switch)

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