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Keys--Have only black--need the works

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Got only a single black key with my ST4s. It is from another state, and I have NO history on the ownership of the bike. (minnesota title) Does anyone know if there is a Ducati database out there from which the dealer can get me the entire set-up? I'm tempted to call all dealerships in Minnesota (how many can there be?) Any thoughts or suggestions, please?
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I am afraid you are stuck as the red key(the missing one) is the master to make more black ones. I too was in absence of the red key and was given these options:

1. buy a new ecu that will come with one mated red and two black keys for $1100.00.

2. buy a new FIM ecu that will disable the immobilizer, offer track day settings and is extremely programmable for about $700.00, cut all the keys you want.

3. take my good black key and take the chip out of it and glue it near the sensor at the switch then buy as many keys I want.

mind you all these were suggested to me from the dealer that sold me the bike and swore there was a red key for it. My tale ended up to be a good one after about 6 months the guy that owned my bike moved and found the red key. He gave it to the dealership who gave it to me.

If you mean the "entire setup" to be a whole new cpu with keys then check into option two unless you are in love with the immobilizer!!
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