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Keith Code of the California Superbike School will host a one day school for the Ducati Owners Group of Sacramento at Thunderhill Raceway, Oct 11, 2007.

This will be the first time in 5 years Mr. Code has been to Thunderhill. I was very lucky to find an open spot in not only Mr. Code's busy schedule, but an opening at Thunderhill as well.

This event has drawn a lot of interest all over. Also, due to the fact Thunderhill is located way up north in California, its an easy drive from the Pacific Northwest. I posted this event on the Northern California sub forum, but since I have two Northwest dealers signed up to help promote it, here it is. MotoCorsa and Ducati of Seattle will soon be receiving a flyer we prepared for this event and also mentioning our own private trackday at Thunderhill June 19th. More information on that at www.ducati-owners-group.com. We did two last year and they were a hugh success. All the seat time you want without restrictions and minimal riders.

Discounted rate for the Keith Code event will be $385! $585 if you rent a 636 Kawasaki. Deposits can be called in to the California Superbike School at 800 530 3350. Tell them you are calling in regards to the Ducati Owners Group School of Oct 11. Deposit is $200 if you ride your own bike, $300 if you rent one of theirs.

Get a group together and come down and learn the art of cornering!
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