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I just bought a 2001 996, first ducati for myself. I have a few questions about it. Bike has 2,000mi on it and was purchased by previous owner brand new on 9/2003. Bought the bike from someone that i somewhat knew which was good because I new it was never beat, unfortunately he did store it under a cover and in the winter it was kept in an unheated shed so it has very light corrasion on some bolts and chain and sprockets have some rust. But the one thing that really bothered me was that the inside of the tank had some rust inside and around the fill hole, so I drained the entire tank and found there to be water in the bottom of tank and it was nasty, looked like vomit almost.... anyone else have rust in there tank like that??? So I cleaned the tank so its spotless and changed the fuel filter( which was still doing a great job keeping the dirt and rust out, but then I blew air through filter against the flow and the shit that came out was horrible. I cleaned the plugs, and im just waiting for the o-ring and grease for the fuel pump seal so i can start her. I noticed the rust in the tank before i bought her so decided not to start and risk that shit getting in the system, looked like all the crap in the tank was from improper winter storage. If there are any tips and tricks you may know that will help me with this bike please let me know, since its my first ducati im sure there are things I need to learn about this machine. I had to buy it because a bike like that desevrse to be treated much better. I also heard that some ducatis required some code card or something?????

The bike is completely stock i know that with stock parts the dont run like that should....what are the recommended upgrades???

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you could do a tank sealent. comes with acid to wash inside out of rust and other contaminates then there is a sealent that you pour in and swish swash the tank around till it covers all the inside. covers up all the cotaminates. thats what i would think about doing
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