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G'day Guys

Well I've just got my fist Ducati. Picked up a cheap '95 900 SS for a project bike. It has about 70,000 k's on the clock and apart from a cracked fairing from a fall over, is in pretty good nick.

Had bikes all my life and always yearned for a Duc. I grew up in the 70s and 80s when a couple of my mates had GTs, GTSs and SSs. Loved those bikes and decided one day I'd have one. Well anyway families come along and time flies by and now they are just too expensive for me to buy. So I've decided to try and go along the cafe racer route and try and convert the old girl into a 80's SS cafe racer look-a-like. Hopefully it will end up looking like a meld of the white Union 900 SS and the Baines Racing 900 SS.

Currently in the shed I've also got a '05 Suzuki SV1000S with full GSXR suspension, a '63 Honda Dream C72 (like the bike I learnt to ride on) and a spare C72 Dream under rebuild. In the past I've had a Honda C71 Dream, Suzuki TM 125, Honda CB750K5, Suzuki 1100 Katana, Suzuki 1100 EFE and a BMW K100RS.

Love the web site and all the very helpful info and tips made available to all.
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