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Just bought a 2006 999R Fila for $3k....

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And although it's supposedly located in Lanchaster PA, when it's listed on EBAY as being located in Miami, FL, it's being air freighted from Belgium. Sound interesting....yep. It's a scam. But here is the link to the auction.

They cancelled my bid 3 times, and I couldn't bid again..because they banned me. I bid 100.000.00$ on a bike that wasn't there!

Then I emailed him, saying I wanted the bike....sOOOO much....please Rip me off.....

This is their reply:
Hello Bob,
Before I will start describing you all the details regarding this bike and this deal,I think you should know that the company I work with,has sent me in Europe to sort some things out and I will return to the US at the ending of March.The price I am expecting to sell it for is 3000 $,which includes the shipping taxes too.
I prefer to use eBay's Safe Trade protection plan to insure the smoothness of this transaction. All you need to do now is email me your shipping details and ebay user ID. After that, I will initiate a transaction with SafeTrade and you will receive a confirmation from them, which will contain both the details of the transaction and the instructions for its successful completion.
The bike is in perfect looking and working condition, it has been used for 138 miles and it has a clean title.
A 10 days money back guarantee offer is available with this sale, if not satisfied your money will be returned (minus the shipping fees).So if you are still interested in my Ducati let me know as soon as possible to be able to arrange the deal.
Hope to hear from you soon.

So I replyed saying that I'll be picking it up in person and paying via MO....then he reply'd:
Dear Bob

I am sorry to inform you,but like I stated in previous email I am inEurope for the moment and unfortunatelly a local pick up is not available for this matter,therefore the bike has been released in the custody of a vehicle carrier and is ready to be shiped to the buyer address.The bike is located in PA,Lancaster.
I would like to inform you that this bike will be sold until my arrival time back in USA,acctually my intentions are to sell it until I will be back,one way or another,so in other words if you decide to wait for me to come back ..I can assure you that this bike will be sold.
Please let me know if you are still interested under these terms so we can go further with this deal.If so,let me know your full shipping address so I can initiate a transaction with ebay in order for you to be provided with an invoice which will contain all the details you will need to know before you will proceed with transaction.As far as I know ebay provide a high level of security which allow the buyer to receive the merchandise before the seller get his payment.If you want to find out more info about this ebay's option I think you should get it from ebay itself.So if you are interested in this option let me know the info requested above.


Well, as luck would have it, I have a friend of a friend of a friend that lives in Lanchester PA, and I reply'd saying that I could just have the bike sent to his house, and he would pay via MO, which I would mail via FEDEX to him...

His reply....:

Dear Bob

I am afraid the only posibility to have a deal is to use Ebay Safe Trade as payment method,which is safer and quicker than any other method.You do not have to be concern about the transaction because Ebay Safe Trade allow the buyer to receive the product before the seller gets his payment.So,if you are still interested in this deal email me you full shipping address and your name to be able to arrange the deal.

...And again, I reply'd with my friends name and address and said that I'd be willing to look at "EBAY SAFE TRADE"...although I'd never heard off it...NOTE:it doesn't exist.

His reply:
Hi again

Thank you for your understanding.I have already sent your shipping details to Ebay Safe Trade.You will receive an invoice from them including all what you have to do.Email me as soon as youreceive the invoice to arrange the things.


Then this showed up;



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So I emailed him once again, asking why in the world, a bike would be air freighted from belgium,,....when it was in Lanchester PA????

He reply'd:
Hi Bob

I think there is a mistake somewhere.The bike will be delivered by APX(Air Parcel Express)which has all types of transports by plane by truck and by ship.I will contact Ebay about that to explain you everything.So,i think you will not be worried about that.


NOTE: here is their webaddress: http://www.apx-air-cargo.com/

Incidentally...their main offices are just down the street from me in .....drumroll please...MIAMI.

...I'll have to drive by their offices tomorrow....and check it out.

These guy's are something else...and I can't believe any1 would be DUMB enough to fall for this SHIT.

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Thanks for sharing. I've gotten to the point where I don't trust anything on EBay anymore! Nice work!
Also interesting that the registered agent for APX...is
8201 NW 66 STREET
SUITE 1 & 2
MIAMI FL 33166

While the address on the Web page is :
HMMMmmmm....about a block off.
8331 NW 66 Street, Miami, FL 33166 T: (305) 597-0258
(telephone number works..but voice sounds like a 10 year old girl reading a script)

while a yellow pages lookup....comes back with a complete different address and phone#
Air Parcell Express
9771 Northwest 57th Terrace, Miami, FL 33178
(786) 845-8700 -And this phone number is listed as the main number...yet is a FAX machine.
Also note that Air PARCELL...now has 2 LL's.

Sound fishy enough...this thing stinks worse than yesterday's dipers.
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These people should be automatically jailed and anyone else in their ring. Too much nonesense going on...
thats awesome, and you know what we should all do this to all the scams we see on there.... cause when they first started doing this, a lot of people were being ripped off.......

I thought I would stir the crap, and post in that I was interested, but dammit, it was pulled from eBay.

Hang the bastards!

level7 said:
These people should be automatically jailed and anyone else in their ring. Too much nonesense going on...
Yep, they should be arrested. IMHO - just as bad as bank robbery!!!
ducati955 said:
.... cause when they first started doing this, a lot of people were being ripped off.......

If someone actually got ripped off on a scam like this then they're greedy or so incredibly stupid they deserve what they get. Ever heard the saying "if it's too good to be true then it probably is"? A $3000 R? Give me a break...

"There are no victims, only volunteers".
I got involved in one of those, I tried to get them to go through escrow, theys said they couldnt. I brought it to Flea Bays attention and they pretty much ignored me. This has been going on for a long long time and Flea bay really will not do anything about it, which to me is really sad. These people actually hacked into someones account with over 200 + feed backs, they did a really good job on the scam, but the FED ex air sort of gives it away, because fed ex doesnt ship motorcycles AIR
Rainman said:
I thought I would stir the crap, and post in that I was interested, but dammit, it was pulled from eBay.

Probably because Ebay already got their cut of the sale and then decided perhaps it was a scam!
level7 said:
These people should be automatically jailed and anyone else in their ring. Too much nonesense going on...
Why waste tax payers dollars on jailing these drains on society ?
These people are no good and never will be.

I believe that society has no place in it for liars, cheaters, or thieves.... these people are all of the above.

Kill them... every last one.
Make an example of them, problem solved. :D
I can't believe you didn't ask him if he had a second 999r for sale. I want one too for that price. :)
I guarantee if you had asked him if he had another 999 for sale; that you just had to have two; he would’ve been able to help out.

Too fuuny; I bet you enjoyed every minute of that exchange; I know I would have.
Buyer's name: Haid D'salammi
Shipping address: 4625 Skidmark road
City: Lancaster
State: PA
Hehehehe. Nice. :D
yeah, i almost wanted to bid on it :))
Surely something smells fishy when a 999R is selling for 3k. Good work exposing his scam!
Unfortunately they prey on the young. I know of a 17 yr old kid in my neighborhood that went for such a scam for an R6. He paid $4000 and got nothing. Wish he would have said something to me as I would have surely set him straight and saved him his hard earned money. Tough lesson, but I am sure he wont make the same mistake.

Look at this...

Ebay does go after the scamers when they find them. I have seen several auctions pulled.
Doesn't Ebay have a protection plan. I think it's upto $20 grand.
Here is another scam, I am selling the Aprilia RS250 and this guy sent me this email.

Thank you for your response,after discussing
with my client who really commended your bike
instructed to move on with the deal at the price of
($4,800),he said he will be going on a vacation soon
and will rest virtually all the transaction on my
shoulder and assign a shipper like wise that i will
work with and stressed that he will be issuing out a
cashier check of ($10,800) which was a refund payment
of a cancelled order earlier made by him but
will be filed in your name,you are only required to
deduct the cost of your bike($4,800) and
send the differece ($6,000) when payment gets to you to a
shipping agent whoose information will be given to
you as at when due, he will be needing the fund to
offset shipping charges, taxes and other c osmetic
repairs/touches,the agent will be responsible for
signing andtransferin! g of title paper and also pickup.
So i require of you to send me your NAME,ADDRESS AND
PHONENUMBER for payment to be delivered to you via
fedex courier services All other information needed
in completion of this transaction will be given to
you in due time.
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