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I've only had her a few weeks, but this is without a doubt the most beautiful (blingy) bike I've ever owned. I have a few other Sport Classics that I am gradually making my own, but this one is for all intents and purposes already done. Credit goes to two previous owners for doing mods that absolutely match my tastes but which I probably would have deemed too dear to do myself if starting from scratch.

Notable mods/upgrades:
  • Trellis frame stripped from new and painted Hillman Imp blue to match Paul Smart's actual Imola racebike (Google it to see why Smart's bike isn't sea green like the others)
  • Cycle Cat adjustable clip-ons. I also have a mostly stock Paul Smart that for me is virtually unrideable with the stock configuration. Raising the OE clip-ons to be flush with the triple clamp makes these bikes much more manageable, but these higher Cycle Cat clip-ons transform the riding position and make the bike almost suitable as a daily commuter.
  • Zard exhaust with polished heat shields
  • Polished Carrozzeria forged wheels
  • Ducati Performance cams, flywheel
  • Upgraded Brembos front and rear, polished CRG levers
  • Ohlins steering damper
  • Custom diamond-stitched seat
  • Miscellaneous Rizoma bling to replace OE plastic (brake/clutch reservoirs, belt covers, grips, mirrors, turn signals, clutch cover)
  • Miscellaneous Stradafab titanium hardware

Love love love this bike!

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