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What's up guys? (Er, and gals ;-))

I've got my eye on an '05 620ie Monster Dark-Silver with 12k on the clock. I'm in NY so it looks like it has a few battle scars. It's not beat up in any way..just a ding here, a scratch there. Bar end mirrors and Remus titanium? exhaust...
My first bike was an 1994 EX500D which I used to commute and weekend trips and rides...that bike was "cherry" for a '94 :) I knocked that around for a few seasons then got bit by the unemployment bug. The bike eventually had to go. For the better part of two years My job situation was sketchy..until this summer I got a freelance gig and recently was offered a salary:D A bike is priority 1, if you didn't know, now you know lol

That's the back story lol... Question - Having missed a few seasons of riding, is the 620 tame enough for a reentry rider? ride ATGATT, always exhibited excellent throttle control and sound judgement. I never put the EX down...not even that time I got caught in a light, misty rain.:cool:

Second question - It's coming from a dealer that is not a Ducati dealer. They may have guys that are decent enough wrenches...but I'm thinking that even if the service records are included I should still have a Ducati tech kick the tires, etc. eh? Gotta pay to play, and I don't mind, but gotta play the game right.

Anyway...the 620 fits like a glove. I'm 5'5, 155lb and I like the fact that it's light and I can flatfoot it. I think this bike has my name all over it and by end of day, barring disaster, it'll be a happy bikeday.
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