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Joining the club Saterday!

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2001 Ducati ST4 15,125mi

$5,500 good deal?

Took a test ride on Sunday and was hooked! :yeah:

The service team at the BMW-Ducati dealer in Charlotte, NC checked the valves (and found them to be in spec) and changed cam belts and sparkplugs in May of 2008 (only 2453 miles ago).
Galfer Wave Rotors
Barnett Clutch Discs
Barnett Clutch Basket
Evoluzione Clutch Slave Cylinder
Ferracci Bar Risers
Sargent Seat
chain (DID)
sprockets (Sprocket Specialists)

some kind of CF cans he says its "chiped"?

Got the check from my bank today and will seal the deal Sat. at his Bank in Raleigh NC.:)

Im sure I will be on here often!


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Nice bike.Sounds like you've been won over by the ST's like me. I'm partial to the blue myself. Actually, I like the red the least of all the Ducati colors. Oh well...
Yea, some guys just can't handle the faster red ones :)

Just kidding, I've always loved the blue ones.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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