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"Join Ducati" competition results?

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Last year I received an email from Ducati for a contest whereby, if you went on to my.ducati.com and verified ownership of your Ducait's, then you would be entered into a contest to win a Hypermotard or some race tickets or other things. Results were supposed to be posted on December 16, but on December 16 the results posting date changed to Jan 8. Just checked my.Ducati.com, and the thing still says that results will be posted "on the web site" on Jan 8. I have searched all over Ducati.com and I can not find results. Did any one else validate their bikes during this "contest"? Where are the results?
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On the front page of Ducati.com...

Thanks for the link. My name was not among the winners. :-(.

When I go to Ducati.com directly, I don't see this, but I noticed that my Ducati.com result is the US web site, and your link took me to the international web site, so that is why I couldn't find it.

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