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It won't start!

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Help! It won't start!

So, earlier this morning I take the Duc out to Radio Shack to get some parts to make a tag light. I come back home and park it, everything's fine. I hop on it a few hours later to run to the store, it won't start :mad:
The fuel pump is coming on, but I'm getting no fuel and no spark. Anyone ever had similar issues? I need this bike running, as it's my main mode of transportation.
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Funny... I had a no start condition the other day too- up near the top of one of our canyons, where I stopped for a "comfort" break at one of the facilities.

Tried everything I could while out in the boonies with not many tools. Totally frustrated... then I realized I had used the Kill Switch to stop the motor since I was on a certain incline and could not comfortably reach up to use the key... DUH!

Felt like a real fool , but it started easy once I turned the switch ON!

Lesson learned for me.:eek:
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