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Issues with battery

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So, I've been noticing that my bike dies pretty easily on cold startups. It all started after that one time I let the stock battery die on me. Now, after I installed an aftermarket air filter, it's gotten worse. Twice now, the bike dies at idle and the battery is dead. A push start restarts the bike and runs fine. I have to run my idle a bit high to keep it from stalling.

Now, I'm assuming that the increased air flow from the BCM filter is causing some fueling issues. I'd rather not have to purchase a PCIII. Hell, if it would solve the situation, I'd go back to the stock air filter. The cover isn't cut or anything like that.

I just ordered the Shorai Lithium Iron LiFePO4 Battery LFX18L1-BS12 battery. I wanted to get that anyway. Hopefully, it will fix everything. Any thoughts?
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Mine had a good charge when it arrived. I bought the special charger to go with it, though, but it didn't need it. It can sit for quite some time without needing to be charged, although it will probably need the charger this winter.

Good luck. You'll like it, they are amazingly light.
Just had (remembered) another thought re your problem - try inserting a low wattage (8-10W) bulb in series with your charger. It should drop the current enough that it'll still trickle charge the battery, without overcharging it. Cheap fix.
A better fix is to put the charger on a timer and just have it come on for a couple of hours per day. You might have to experiment a little to find out how long to leave it on to keep it charged without overcharging and drying out the battery.
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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