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Issues with battery

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So, I've been noticing that my bike dies pretty easily on cold startups. It all started after that one time I let the stock battery die on me. Now, after I installed an aftermarket air filter, it's gotten worse. Twice now, the bike dies at idle and the battery is dead. A push start restarts the bike and runs fine. I have to run my idle a bit high to keep it from stalling.

Now, I'm assuming that the increased air flow from the BCM filter is causing some fueling issues. I'd rather not have to purchase a PCIII. Hell, if it would solve the situation, I'd go back to the stock air filter. The cover isn't cut or anything like that.

I just ordered the Shorai Lithium Iron LiFePO4 Battery LFX18L1-BS12 battery. I wanted to get that anyway. Hopefully, it will fix everything. Any thoughts?
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Me too

I've been having trouble with batteries in my 93 SS a lot. I don't get to ride it often, so when the bike sits for long periods or winter storage I thought hooking up a trickle charger would keep the battery fresh. Though it does charge a battery that's too low, if the charger is connected too long I found out that it will eventually cook away all the electrolytes in the battery.

Come back to the battery after sitting on the charger for over a month and there would be no water in it - bone dry! So either I disconnect or completely remove a charged battery for storage or play games with the damn charger. Very frustrating.

But thanks for the info on the lithium battery - I will definitely be checking that out - no more water would be a big relief!
Excellent choice

This was the single best choice I've made for this bike in a long time:

ShoraiUsa - 750 SS ElecStart

Way lighter than stock - fired up instantly right out of the box. Well worth the price!:D
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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