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In case anyone else wanted to see too!

2000 Ducati 748 RS - RACING SPECIAL

Genral specifications
Overall lenght 2035 mm
Overall width 680 mm
Height 1080 mm
Seat height 830 mm
Ground clearance 130 mm
Handlebars height 900 mm
Footrests height 415 mm
Weight 172kg

Fuel capacity 17L.

4-stroke "V" twin
Bore 88mm
Stroke 61.5mm
Displacement 748cm
Compression ratio 12 (0.2 :1
Crankshaft horsepower (95/1/CE) 91.1 kW (124CV) @ 12000rpm NEW RS00!
Crankshaft torque (95/1/CE) 77Nm (7.85kgm) @ 9000rpm NEW RS00!

Desmo DOHC, 4 valves heads

Timing diagram with 1mm lift:

Opening 30¯ BTDC NEW RS00!
Closing 58¯ ABDC NEW RS00!

Opening 74¯ BBDC NEW RS00!
Closing 38¯ ATDC NEW RS00!

Valves size
Intake 36mm NEW RS00!
Exhaust 32mm NEW RS00!

Valves lift
Intake 12,5mm NEW RS00!
Exhaust 10.5mm NEW RS00!

Gear pump
Oil cooler
Circuit capacity 3l
Pump flow rate 3.2l./min @1000 rpm

Liquid cooling - closed circuit with bend radiator and thermostat opening at 65Ò2¯C
Circuit capacity 2.5l

Electronic ignition - small size generator
Nippondenso 12V - 700W starter
Champion QA55V spark plugs

Fuel feeding
Electronic injection Marelli "1.6" injecton/ignition module
54mm throttle bodies inside the airbox NEW RS00!
Fuel pressure 3bar
Single top injector throttle bodies (Marelli IWP069) NEW RS00!

Complete Termignoni exhaust system, with 0.8mm stainless steel pipes, 54mm outer diameter, carbon fiber mufflers, tapered silencer pipe NEW RS00!

Primary gears
31 teeth crankshaft gear
62 teeth driven gear
2.00 transmission ratio

Foot gear lever on left side

Transmission ratios
1a teeth 32/16
2a teeth 29/18
3a teeth 27/20
4a teeth 25/21
5a teeth 24/22
6a teeth 23/23

Final drive
15 teeth small sprocket
38 teeth big sprocket
Regina 135ORNV4W chain NEW RS00!

Open steel tubes trestle stiffened and closed by the engine crankcase. All the fairing is made of carbon fiber.

1415mm wheelbase

91.2 - 97.2mm adjustable trail

23¯ 30' - 24¯ 30' adjustable rake

Front end
"Showa" upside-down fork - adjustable compression and rebound damping and spring preload.
43mm stanchions
127mm stroke

Rear end
Ohlins aluminium body shockabsorber - Adjustable compression and rebound dampings, spring preload. New concept "mark II" internal bleeds. NEW RS00!
74mm stroke (54mm before bumprubber)
130mm wheel travel

Front brake
Hydraulic system, with two 320mm discs
Brembo PSC16 13mm master cylinder NEW RS00!
Brembo P4.30-34 calipers, with 30-34mm pistons

Rear brake
Hydraulic system, with 220mm and 6mm thick disc
Brembo PS11 11mm foot master cylinder
Brembo P.32 caliper, with two 32mm pistons

5-spoke extra light design front rim, MT 3.50X17'' size NEW RS00!
120/60 ZR17 front tyre
5-spoke extra light design rear rim, MT MT 5.50X17'' size NEW RS00!
180/55 ZR17 rear tyre

Electric system
12V voltage system
12V - 280W three-phase generator
12V - 4 Ah YUASA YT4L-BS battery

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What I'm wondering is: What is the rear wheel HP of a stock '02 998? A friend just bought a '06 BMW K1200S that is rated at 168 HP but (he tells me) loses 20% of it's hp from crank to rear wheel. Just wondering what the 123 hp rated 998 loses.

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