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Well maybe the guy should learn how to speak to strangers and he won't be called a retard how about that? He came here talking shit for. No. Reason, so that's what he gets.

"Brembo don't sell spares deliberately to keep untrained people from fiddling with them and compromising safety."

Bud, it's 13 years old, rubber doesn't age well. I took it out like. You're supposed to and it broke, boo hoo, nothing to. Do. With being uNTrAiNeD.

You ever heard of a master rebuild. Yep, the one where you have to tear your master down to. Change seals, yep, that's what I did, I changed the o ring inside as I was. Able to find it.
I don't think there's any justification for using that term, but anyway...

Yep, it's 13 years old, replace it if it's broken, that's why they sell replacement units, they're not the only ones that don't offer individual components but the reason why is just the way it is.

There used to be master cylinder rebuild kits, and for some really old style ones but radials and late model gold lines are more complex. (i think "bevel heaven" have a range???)
I believe KTM sell some rebuild kits but my recollection was that they stopped offering them and now only offer them for calipers like everyone else, you may get lucky but you will need to identify a KTM with the same master cylinder and get lucky.

Whatever, don't expect your m/cyl to last long without the dust boot, it's there for a reason and when it does fail it will likely be when you go to use it, so be careful ...
21 - 21 of 21 Posts