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Is the 999 good for commuting?

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Or is it to mundane a job for such an exotic?
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why commute on a boring as s**t bike when you can do it on something that will get you there grinning. The 999 is fine for a daily run, if you can ride a bike in traffic you can ride this one.

this bike is fantastic for lanesplitting, the places it can squeeze through are tiny.
cars will get our your way when the hear you coming (providing you termi the bike) , pedestrians will not jaywalk infront of you and you'll get egged on for a mono at every traffic light with a teenager at it.

the only negatives are the hot right leg in summer and the stiff clutch.
im waiting for the ktm rc8 to come out cos its narrower.!!!!

commuting is also the least of your worries, its the weekend rossi impersonating thats where the bike really makes a difference.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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