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Is the 999 good for commuting?

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Or is it to mundane a job for such an exotic?
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I ride 7 days a week rain or shine,alternate between the 749 and the 996.

you might be a little stiff the first week but after that youll be stoked as you pass everyone in style.
also..lanesplitting will probaly reduce your commute time by 80%
maybe im a freak but my 749 is totally comfortable..i'm 6'3" 220...I use grip pads on the tank so sore wrists are not an issue. On the 996 which I use for long country rides I have bar risers and its super comfortable.

i dont understand the 'torture rack' thing everyone talks about.
but then again..I rode a rigid chopper for years and years so to me these ducati's are like super easy to ride.
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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