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Is the 999 good for commuting?

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Or is it to mundane a job for such an exotic?
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i'm about 6'2", 215 and i find my 749 super comfortable...the seat disperses weight better than the sofa cushion of a seat from most bikes. i'd say that if the roads are nice and/or twisty, do it. otherwise, hell no because those valve adjustments come quickly with tons of b.s. miles.
prtfast said:
I use my 749 as a daily driver. Some say that is misuse of the bike. I say: ' if you were married to a supermodel, would you want to bang her every day, or just wait for the weekend? '
that depends on if she needed valve adjustments and $50 oil changes to keep everything tight and her gaskets from rotting out. :p what about a fine, consistent japanese chick during the week and then the high maintenance supermodel on the weekend :D
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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