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So The plot thickens a bit.

I also ordered a FatDuc on Feb 9th, so only 4 days ago.
Its a Paypal order, so its setup by his site, but run through paypal.

I kind of had a funny feeling about it, since paypal lets him 1-click generate a shipping label, and its been a few days... SO I sent an email to
Sales at FatDuc.com and sales at PerformanceBoulevard.com.

The PerformanceBoulevard domain one was important, since thats what the paypal goes into.
I got a hard bounceback. thats not a good sign.

I tried tracking it down a little more, got a phone number, disconnected.
tracked down the person. Looks like he moved. I dont want to dox him with his personal info on here... but I will say hes no longer in WI and is now in AZ.

Given that the email the money went to according to my paypal receipt gave a hard bounceback, I think its safe to say that he did not get the money... even if he is in business.
I would dispute the money immediately... I plan to do the same.

Of course if its all a "computer issue" he just needs to fix and he emails back (or messages here, someone reach out to him if you know him) I would buy it from him... but I also dont want my money stuck in limbo and owned by paypal.

Hopefully this is an oversight hes not aware of, and he didnt wreck his bike or anything.

Soo... maybe a good sign. I guess my email worked, because someone clicked the paypal shipping link on the FatDuc side and made a shipping label.. so maybe you just need to drop him an email at [email protected] to get it rolling.
as of right now, Im not disputing/reversing anything since someone seems to be there doing something. :)
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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