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Is it a 2009 Sport 1000 Biposto or GT1000

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Bought a new 2009 Sport 1000 and when I called my insurance to transfer over, Sport 1K was not a choice. Gave VIN and in the mail came my insurance card and statement, the Moto is listed as a GT1000. I go on Ducati.com to see which centerstand is for the Sport 1K and it is not a 2009 option. (the MFG sticker shows a Jan '09 date.)

So the question is do I use the GT1000 centerstand?

500 miles in on my 1st Duck and this is what I know.
1. Servo assist start - Awesome!
2. Phantom Tires - Are #!%&$!
(PP CT2 or BT016 are on the short list.)
3. Tank spreading already.
(Saw and bought the SK1 w/out researching first.)
4. Regrets? Not a [email protected] one!
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When I originally got insurance for my 08 Bipo the card said Sport 1000. When I got my new card it now says GT1000.

I called and they said that Sport 1000 was not listed. They also said that it doesn't make any difference if anything happens but put a note on my account. I use Farmers.
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