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Is $17000 OTD for a 2005 999 Bip good?

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Hi Guys,

I was thinking of getting a new 2005 99 bip in yellow. The dealer is advertising $17000 out the door? Is that a good deal? :confused: By the way, this is in So Cal.

Also, do you think it's worth it to get the extednded warranty if I am planning to do the usual mods such as exhaust, ecu, power commander, etc?

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For an 05? I think you can do better. I've heard of $14.8 plus fees. Whats MSRP on it?

Ask the same question on Club Desmo and Speedzilla forums.

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MSRP is $17995

Let's say it's 14.8 plus fees. If it is just tax and license, that should come out to another 1480. Total would be around $16280 so that is about close to what I was looking at. A 2006 999 was quoted at MSRP plus fees so about $18700.

So I might be able to get them to drop another $500.00

Will also post on the other sites.

Thanks. :cool:
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