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IRC master cylinders

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Picked up a matching set of billet IRC (Italian Racing Components) with ducabike levers for the old 821 Hypermotard. So far I'm very happy. As far as the front brake, it is far better than the old axial brembo unit that comes on the base hyper. 1 finger lock up but with complete predictability. I dont know much about them. Came across a deal and wanted to try something new and something different that the brembo's that find their way on everyone's bike. If you have any info or personal experience with these please share . I contacted Moto-D racing (the official source for IRC in the states) and they say that, although they dont advertise their master cylinders these are very good and replacement/rebuild parts are easily available. Now I just need to sort out my resviour situation.

This is my 821, it has a dry clutch conversion using my own special made parts along with a Kbike slipper clutch as well as a hydraulic pushrod actuation conversion.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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