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I have been offered two bikes by a friend who is clearing out his collection, I can probably only afford 1 so please chime in with advice as to which one to pick , they are
A 999R with 150kms ( just under 100 miles )
And a 996 Troy Baylis replica with 0 miles .
Both bikes are stunning having spent there lives in his living room after being properly prepped for long term storage .
Also any clues as to values?
Thanks Dave

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There are two aspects to the value here: 1) What are they worth as static "investment" vehicles (pun intended) and 2) what are they worth to you in terms of how you will use them.

I'm sure it sounds strange but if you're going to ride the one you buy, why would you pay a huge premium for the ultra low miles? Sure, pay more for great condition and proper care but you also have to factor in that they will need to be serviced and reconditioned for road use and you will essentially be riding a brand new bike with no warranty. The low mileage will be irrelevant after a year or so when you have 1,000 miles or so.

If you want it as an "investment," then you would probably put a different value on it because unlike a bike that you will ride where condition and care are major considerations, the only real separating factors with these bikes that were put away new are the miles (6 miles vs 12 miles, etc.) and any possible provenance with ownership history.

Personally, I think that all of this stuff is kind of dumb and just like cars are made be driven and cared for properly, motorcycles should be ridden and cared for properly. I recently bought an 1199 Superlegerra with 62 miles that was put away for long term storage as an investment. The bill to put it back into service wasn't insignificant but it paled in comparison to the discount I paid from MSRP. And of course, I wasn't going to pay more for the low miles because I want the bike to use and put miles on.
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As an investment, none of the bikes are really that special..
The 999R was plentyfully made, and since you dont list the model year, its hard to say. A late model -06 999R might have some value in it.. Not much more then a nice S though.
The Troy Bayliss replica 996R released in -02 is slightly more run for the Money. Last year of the iconic 996 name, but its not the first year Testastretta or even the last year -03 998S Final edition. Ducati also did a -09 Troy Bayliss 1098R.
Ducati have had lost of success with doing "limited edition" superbikes, but they arent that limited and they keep pumping them out with enough rapidity that any investment is mitigated by the release of a new bike.

There are some bikes that stand out..
The limited (10 hand made) 955cc 916 racebikes made for Carl Foggarty and Iancarlo Fallappa back in 1993.
The Ducati Supermono 650cc supersingle racebike
First edition 1993 model year Ducati 916 (not many out there boasting a true 1993 registration, most came as -94)
Any WSBK racer that had the F (factory) name.
The Homologation model 1999 Ducati 996 SPS/F often called Foggy, but really the Factory homologation bike that where handmade to meet WSBK rules about a number of bikes being sold to the public.
Ducati´s homage to Ayrton Senna, the 916 Senna model

Then there are those that might make the cut.
Any R, SP och SPS model with a number plaque and some special paint like Bayliss, Bostrom, Foggy, Fila, Xerox paint
Any RS model (these are true racebikes that arent ever roadlegal
Ducati 998s Final edition

The there are hopefuls..
S models with special paint
Other models with special paint.. Who even remembers the Ducati 998 Matrix or ST2 Blade or even the Monster S4 Foggy editions nowadays..
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