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Introductory post: '92 900ss needs battery ...

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Hi All,

It seems I have to introduce myself ... Well, I have a 1992 900ss that I bought new in S.F. (Munroe Motors) all those years ago. The bike is pretty much stock (Nichols engine mounting bolts and clutch basket, Barnett clutch plates) and I love it (but I'm pretty sure I won't buy another bike with white wheels ;-)).

In the meantime we have moved to the Alps and the Ducati really likes it here (must be the altitude).

It looks as if i need a(nother) new battery. Before I buy the usual lead-acid Yuasa YB16AL(?) solution, is there a more modern / high-tech solution that would be recommended?

I noticed at the IMOT motorcycle show that there were several companies selling alternative battery solutions e.g. a firm called CS-Batteries (http://www.cs-batteries.de/) have a LiFePo unit that is claimed to be easy to install and better in every way ...

Any thoughts?

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my opinion is that modern batteries (Lithium based) have nothing to offer in cold climates other than misery and frustration. AGM, so called gel batteries are only slightly less heavy and have no downsides to the traditional.

white wheels look great, are a pain in the arse to keep clean. ....

There are some really nice upgrades to the ignition system available, maximize the spark and you will be happy.
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