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Hi, folks.

New member from Calgary, here. I'm in my mid-40s, married (we usually ride 2-up but I go solo from time-to-time), and normally go out to the mountains either here in Alberta or (mostly) over in BC every year to get my fix, though we've been all round the PNW and BC over the years. I have a 2002 VFR800 and a 2011 FJR1300 (my main bike). I'm a pavement rider, though - don't much like gravel, and have no interest in off-roading.

I joined the forums here after spending 2 weeks riding a Multistrada 1260S Touring up the west coast of Norway in July/August this year, and I'm considering a switch next year. My wife and I were on the "Adventure North Cape" tour run by Edelweiss. The bike was pretty new, it had only been used on 3 prior tours and had about 12,000k on the clock. New tyres, new oil, with the full 3-piece touring luggage kit and engine bars. Edelweiss are prepared for all sorts of riders - I never had any issues but one guy dropped his BMW1200GS 3 times in the first 2 days... :surprise:

In 12 days of riding, we covered 4000km of some of Norway's most scenic roads, many of 'em twisty coastal Fjord-huggers, some of 'em fast sweepers, the occasional long straight (the most boring roads were in the 2 days in/out of northern Finland - they could've skipped that bit), and varied road surface conditions: from smooth new asphalt to rutted old "more-pothole-than-road" surfaces and occasional gravel stretches.

I had an SV1000 for a while a few years ago but usually ride 4-cylinder bikes, so I wasn't quite tuned-in to engine characteristics or the right rev range for low speed riding and made it lug a bit too much for the first few days, before adjusting.

I loved the bike's amazing pull-your-arms-off grunt and excellent comfort - I have a 30" inside leg and was easily flat-footing with the lowered seat (which was stock but comfy enough for 8-hr riding days), and the grip warmers and windshield did a great job. My wife actually found the passenger seat a bit better than on the FJR - more knee room and visibility as the seat's a bit higher. My FJR is a heavy bike, which is my main downside to it, but I found the Multi to be more comparable to the VFR - not that I'm a racer boy, but to it me felt really light and flickable, easy to maneuver at low speed or on a squirrely surface. The FJR is soooo comfortable (I call it the Silver Sofa) and can eat miles effortlessly, but it's a tank in slow speed maneuvering.

The Multi performed awesomely on the twisties, with handling capabilities obviously well above my riding skill level. I could breeze past slow moving cars with no effort at all, and I'm pretty sure the anti-wheelie control and rev limiter both kicked in a couple of times when I was a bit too aggressive overtaking in 2nd gear early on. It cruised comfortably at highway speeds and I didn't notice too much vibration.

Together, we probably weigh ~360lb in our bike clothes, so we're not the biggest but we're not tiny Italians, either. The bike was in Touring mode, and we had the suspension set to 2-up with luggage (though the bags were mostly empty), but I still grounded out the pegs or centre-stand a few times in the coastal twisties one day (an eye-opener) and it felt like it bottomed out a few times on the worst of the road surfaces. Admittedly, we may have been going a bit fast for the conditions... 0:) I dialed-up the stiffness on the rear after that day, which seemed to help.

It rained a couple of days but was otherwise unseasonably warm at ~30c a lot of the time. I didn't notice excessive heat on the hot days, but it seemed to suck up and retain water, as it steamed every time we stopped and when we parked-up for a break on the worst rainy day it sent up clouds of the stuff and dropped so much water from the fairing onto the ground under the bike that I was worried we'd overheated and sprung a leak...

I loved the bright dash and menu system; the cruise control; the weight, ergonomics and comfort; the handling and power; the sound and feel. I have a nagging concern about the suspension, but the kind of roads we normally ride on aren't usually that beat-up. Some of the mountain roads in BC can get a bit sketchy, but

The one downside of the Duc that weighs on my mind was that I had way too many false neutrals when changing gear. Not sure if it's the quickshifter because I didn't use it much (usually only on upshifts) but one time it failed to get into 6th from 5th three times in a row before I kicked it back down (using the clutch) to 4th and went back up through the gears using the clutch again. I didn't have a problem finding neutral when parking it up, but it happened too many times when riding at highway speed for me not to be wondering if it's a wider problem or was just a thing on the specific bike we had... like maybe it's missing a software update or something? :frown2:

Anyhoo, Hi! I'm keeping an eye on the Multistrada forum while I mull over whether it's time to trade-in the Silver Sofa for something a bit more mercurial... Maybe next year, once I've worked on the business case with the boss a bit longer! :wink2:


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