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Intermittent Starting Issue

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Hi All,
My 2003 Ducati 1000ss ds has just developed an intermittent starting issue.
When I insert the key it primes the pump, does the sweep of all gauges and lights then,
the orange engine and immobiliser light stays on.

When this happens it won't start. I have tried using different keys and it has the same issue.

After turning the key on and off 3-6 times it eventually loses the engine & immobiliser lights and starts correctly.
My battery is good and charging is within spec. It usually starts within 1 sec of hitting the start button.

Any help would be awesomely appreciated!
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The problem often is that the key is loosing the wireless connection to the antennae that surrounds the ignition lock, causing the immobilizer to prevent starting the bike. The signal to the antennae can be weakened by installing an aftermarket carbon fiber key guard or by water infusion that can occur during washing the bike or from a heavy rain. Aftermarket key guards may not be as effective in keeping water out. Drying it out with a hair dryer may resolve the problem.

If you lift the OEM plastic shroud, the antennae is clipped in there. Have a look along the mould line of the plastic ring for green (copper oxide) residue, if there is any, replace it.

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Hey Strega,
Bang on with your diagnosis.
I had just washed the bike and after re-connecting & drying the immobiliser connection as suggested, Bang Bang she fired up!!
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Again to you, Bigbadbass2 & Belter thanks so much.😁
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