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Interesting Fueling Issue

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Background: I have a F848 and 1k miles so far. Akrapovic "Open" Slip-Ons. Stock Air Filter. Stock ECU.

I decided to be a courteous citizen by putting the baffles back in my Akrapovic exhaust. However, once I put the baffles back IN, the bike started surging and backfiring (not popping, I know the difference) while engine braking. The bike felt totally different from a fueling standpoint. I rode for a while like this, hoping it would get better. Maybe the ECU needed time to "adapt," but this was not the case. :think:

I took the baffles back out and voila, the surging and backfiring was gone. Fueling was smoother, throttle response was better as well. I would have never thought that a little more resistance in the exhaust would have made that much difference. I like the sound better with the baffles out, so I am not heart broken. I just wanted to share my experience and see what people thought.

NOTE: The stock exhaust was uninstalled immediately following my maiden voyage home from the dealership, so I can't speak to the differences of running with stock exhaust, if there were any.

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When i installed akra on mine (without db killers) i felt a drop in mid-range power. Very noticeable.

To fix this i flashed the ecu with a custom termi map. Recovered lost hp on the butt dyno.

I tried with db killer in, and as you said, makes a lot of difference. And not louder than stock i must add.
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