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Insult to Injury

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So I'm at my "local" dealership this morning, same place I bought my bike new in 2005, buying oil and fuel filters and the sales guy tells me they're coming out with a touring version of.........................................the Diavel. :confused:

I look at the models on his floor, and he has like 4 new Diavels sitting there, 2 AMGs. (which I like ) And now, they're bringing out a *touring* version of a slow selling, expensive muscle bike as opposed to a real ST? :think:

Ducati's effed. :)
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Nah I think BMW the 1200s is most likely.
R1200S, yep. Ticks all the boxes for a dry-clutch twin that's a true sport tourer, but it didn't sell well at all.

And if one hasn't ridden a Guzzi, I highly recommend it. If you like V8 torque in your cars, you'll love a Guzzi. INSTANT power, yet never overwhelming.
It has compression pistons, 955cc's, SPS cams and a Ducshop tune up. When I ride the slab, it's typically 80-90 mph on both bikes.
There you go. Stating a blanket fact without a shred of detail doesn't help the conversation much. Your ST sounds like a fun machine. It would kill me to give up that range though.

Have a good one.
I can certainly confirm the grunt. My 1200 sport is essentially a Norge without the fairing & fabulous headlights & it really is a stunning engine. However, I've ridden the 2v engine & the '8v' (4v per head) back to back & would say that the extra horses have to be searched for in a very non-guzzi way - I still prefer the 2v, as do some reviewers:

2009 Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport 4V - Motorcycle USA
2v air cooled monster 1100. Immediate grunt.

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81 - 83 of 83 Posts
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