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Insult to Injury

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So I'm at my "local" dealership this morning, same place I bought my bike new in 2005, buying oil and fuel filters and the sales guy tells me they're coming out with a touring version of.........................................the Diavel. :confused:

I look at the models on his floor, and he has like 4 new Diavels sitting there, 2 AMGs. (which I like ) And now, they're bringing out a *touring* version of a slow selling, expensive muscle bike as opposed to a real ST? :think:

Ducati's effed. :)
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So, would the make a drivel into a drool? More bad news indeed.

Have a good one.
Ya know, it was commented on in another thread, but the Apollo might not be a bad idea: big, retro, cruiser. I like the styling for the vintage.

But then, I also liked the Indiana for what it was compared to other UJM standard bikes of the day.

For a full dresser Drool, I see it looking like the transfromation between the CanAm and the CanAm touring. It went from something that had about one good viewing angle to a moving blob that doesn't look good no matter how you look at it.

Have a good one.
I don't do this very often but yesterday I went to the Ducati site to check out their lineup. Honestly, there wasn't one bike that interested me. A lot of that is based on the type of riding I do. A new Supersport or new and sportier ST would do it for me. God it's so sad.
And, I can easly see that a few solid tweaks to many of these bike could increase the appeal, whether it be a bit of styling or a bit less gizmo-creep or a bit of parts bin shopping. It's all there, waiting to be put together. For the life of me, I can't understand the roadblock.

Give it five minutes and someone is going to quote sales figures. The original ST was a parts bin bike that could still be produced in appropriate numbers.

Have a good one.
Any of you guys ever spent any meaningful time on a Multistrada Touring?
Why? A tall bike has its purpose, esp when off-road use is considered. A tall bike with a vertical seating position has no purpose in my garage. I prefer a fwd position and don't go off road. If I ever chose to, I would not consider any twin cylinder Ducati for that purpose.

Have a good one.
Has Chuck seen the light? :)
The flashing error light? Or, is that the no start light? Or, the light from one side of the cylinder to the other? Not my kind of light.

Sorry, the door was WIDE open there.

Have a good one.
It gets great reviews in just about all the magazines.
Unitl the 2013 Mult gets some reviews. All the faults of the previous model will suddenly exist.

Have a good one.
LOL!! :D

So...the answer is no, then? Neither of you have ridden one? Even briefly?

Hmm...interesting... :think:
I stay away from auto and m/c dealerships as I tend to buy things I truly don't want esp after a test ride as the sales person sort of has a captive audience (I have trouble saying no and meaning it). If I didn't have someone with me, I would have bought an FZ1 instead of finding my much better ST (lucky for you guys, right?). So, I typically get test rides on friend's machines. No one that I know well has one.

I'd be happy to take one around the block, but I know I won't like it. I'll reference what I said here about the 990:

Within the next 10yrs, nothing with a long travel suspension and an upright seating position will suit my purposes/needs/desires as a SPORTtouring / primary motorcycle. All the other issues of price, looks, and gizmos just pile on.

The MTS doesn't turn my wheels for even more reasons when thinking about a second bike in the garage. There are many, many bikes far above it on the 'potentials' list (for example the CCW Misfit, a Ural, an R1, an SM or enduro, a road-legal dirt bike, a Duc SS or Monster, an S3, etc.).

I just do not understand how riding something you don't like is going to make anything different. I have a feel for the genre, more power and some Ohlins won't fix it.

Why are you riding a KLR instead of an MTS? Due note that a KLR is above an MTS on my second bike list.

Just in case you're wondering, I've never ridden an ST3, an SS or SC, a side car rig, or an H-D. I can tell you that I could easily see myself buying all but the H-D and being happy. I've always wondered what an H-D would feel like, but as I said above, I stay away from dealers and no one I know well has one.

Have a good one.
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The next ST4S: an 1198S engine with saddle bags, I'd be in heaven!

I also think that is absolutely beautiful
My dream ST. I'm in total argreement, but . . .

That bike (put together by Ducati Canada) looks great but those a/c Multistrada cases are fuel/gasoline bladders for very long distance touring, otherwise it'd need a much bigger fuel tank, better wind screen, and probably stronger subframe and perhaps conventionally routed exhaust to keep the heat down to work. :)
^^^^ this. Need moar fuel! With a 6gal or so tank to offset the SBK MPGs to get to a 200mi range, I would not complain. The 1098s was very comfortable for the short ride I had on one.

Being sligthly nit-picky, I like the ST cases over the Multi1100 cases. :cool:

I'll take the heat. The existing subframe would even work for me as a solo-only rider. I'd just have a top case mount in place of the pillion pad like that one dude did with his 999 ST.

The missing bit is the center stand, but I could also make do without. Somehow. =P

Have a good one.
Ha! I just spent the last 9 years and 90K miles on an '03 FZ1. :)

It was a fantastically capable bike that could do most everything very well. Lots of HP, comfortable ergos, and with some suspension mods it could flat-out rail. But, it has the sex appeal of a brick (especially the Gen I's) and other than a relatively small group of deeply disturbed fans it didn't really sell very well. Frankly, I'm surprised that Yamaha is still selling the model.

They are very reliable too. Well, except for mine I guess. After a 1500 mile trip last August where the bike ran as strong as ever, I got home and parked it in the garage and took off for Michigan for a family wedding. When I wheeled it out of the garage a week later it wouldn't start, and after some diagnostics it turns out that it had 50-60psi in all four cylinders. Regardless of the root cause, a fugly 9 year old bike with 90K miles isn't worth pouring money into.

Fortunately, I ended up coming across my ST3s ABS and I'm loving it. I've put on 2.5K miles in the last 6 weeks and the grin hasn't left my face (although I sometimes miss the rush of about 130 hp at the wheel :D). I looked at the Multistrada as well, but to be honest I wasn't about to spend the kind of coin required to get one. I do like them though!

I was after the EFI'ed 2nd gen FZ. The used ones that were coming up were surprisingly more than the STs I found while trying to avoid the seemingly plagued 2006 models. With the addition of the necessary cases pushed me out of the market.

The 2007 I rode felt great right off the floor, but was just too much $$.

I see a lot of them running around and never any complaints from the owners. Of course, the soul conversation never comes up.

At the time, I was targetting a half faired bike also. In the end, I'm glad that I ended up with the full fairing on the ST. There lot of protection there.

Have a good one.
I did not know that. Less than 5gal? Yikes. That would have been instant buyers remorse for me. I agree that 200mi/tank is a minimum.

Have a good one.
Yes. You can say that. I feel the same way.

I'm almost at a loss for words. . . almost. I said above that Duc was dancing around the bullseye. Now, they're just dancing around the dartboard from somewhere in left field. What can they blend up next that no one is asking for?

I thought the local company that is kitting up DS touring Hypers made an ugly bike. It's now prudy in comparison.

I'll go on record right now saying that if Duc were to make a real SPORTtourer, there's no way of getting my interest. I'll be too damn ugly.

Have a good one.
I was getting to that, you beat me to it. :) I was trying to, you know, prepare the way for the shock of that Diavel. :)

I mean even this BMWK16 meets Polaris Vision Honda's looking good these days compared to the above: :)
The CBR nose is kina blah, but better than the other choices.

Have a good one.
That doesn't make any sense, since you're carrying over a gallon less fuel in the SF. It's either a tuning issue or the 955 kit (referencing your username) requires fueling that is out of the norm for STs without internal mods.

For reference, I typically get a minimum of 200mi out of a typical 5gal refuel. That goes up significantly if I'm not commuting.

Have a good one.
The low fuel light on my Streetfighter comes on at 130 miles like clockwork no matter how I ride it. I don' tknow the range of an ST4, but I doubt it is less than that.
160mi (min) here. The fuel light indicates about 4gal were used with 1.5 remaining.

Have a good one.
Are you talking about a modded motor? Are you talking about the mileage when the reserve light turns on?

Have a good one.
It has compression pistons, 955cc's, SPS cams and a Ducshop tune up. When I ride the slab, it's typically 80-90 mph on both bikes.
There you go. Stating a blanket fact without a shred of detail doesn't help the conversation much. Your ST sounds like a fun machine. It would kill me to give up that range though.

Have a good one.
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