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Installing motowheels slipper clutch...HELP!

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We're currently installing our MotoWheels slipper clutches:


We took one of them appart from how it came from Motowheels, started installing and left the other one intact so we could tell the order of everything when putting the first one back together.

Well...we're confused.

You put the basket in, and put all those bolts in, then you put the hub in, then put the plates in, then there's this spider spring. It has 6 legs. It goes in, then there's this washer that fits down in the hole that goes around the push rod. Then there's the nut that holds all that together...

Then what?

The way it all came from Motowheels, the next thing is this steel curved washer then this thicker standoff....but how are you supposed to keep the washer in place? It drops down and hangs off of the pushrod and there's no way to hold it in place, same with the thicker standoff washer.

I put a bit of grease on the steel washer and placed it against the nut to hold it in place, then put everything together, put the 6 springs in and tightened everything down.

When I pull the clutch, it doesn't pull even, the pressure plate doesn't pull in evenly and I'm sure that's not right!

Anyone have any ideas?

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Jan, the item in the second pic is the hub/drum spacer. It must go in first. you install the o-ring into the recess, and slide it over the input shaft w/ the o-ring end seating against the bearing [inside the primary gear seal]

look at the inner dia. of the dished washers. one will be the same dia. as the hub/drum spacer, it goes on next. the large dished washer [with the same inner dia. as the hub nut] goes before the spider washer.

if you have it assembled without the hub/drum spacer, you are damaging the back of the hub/drum, as you are torquing it directly against the basket bolts.


you should need all the plates, and you MUST start with a friction. If you start w/ a steel, the first time the slipper engages, it will drop behind the hub and screw everything.

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the stock hub spacer [black collar that is currently still on the shaft in your last pic] must be removed. If you grasp it with a pair of channel lock pliers it will pull off. The only thing holding it on is pressure from the oil seal.
you will see a green o-ring in a recessed groove on the inside, remove it carefully, grease it, and re-install it onto the input shaft, all the way in against the bearing. Then slide on the new hub spacer, #8 in your pic. flange side out [the o=ring seats into the recess in the small end, slightly different than the stock spacer.] Then the dished washer #10, then the drum assembly. Make sure all the ball bearings are seated in the ramps when you install the drum

yes, the plate stack is totally different than stock.

you must start with a friction [see your STM drawing]

this yoyo clutch is identical except for the hub nut [which is a one piece deal that effectively is #11 & 12 together]
this may help a little:
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