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Installed triple clamp and have a click

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I'm finishing up putting my 2001 996 together after dropping the engine to get the transmission replaced and having the frame painted.

I thought I would have it together this weekend since I finally had time.

My plan was to work from the front to the back finishing up everything.

I secured the top clamp and was compressing the shocks and noticed a click both when I pushed hard and when I lifted the front.

The bike is on the rear stand.

I was not holding the brake so that should not be an issue. I did remove the calipers to make sure.

I thought I didn't seat on the lower so I tried adjusting it and in the process broke the bottom bearing. $60 later I found it was not improperly seated.

To seat the upper race I took a 1 1/2 inch PCV pipe and a rubber mallet. I wanted to ensure the race went down evenly.

After getting it properly seated and ensuring the bottom was properly fit I torqued down the steering stem nut. I did the 5 time steering lock to steering lock and it felt normal.

I still had the click when compressing or pulling and topping out the forks.

I did not see or feel any movement in the triple.

I can't tell if the noise is coming from the triple or the fork tubes.

Has anyone had this issue?

How was it resolved?

I talked to Travis at Corse. He first said if I had the brakes on it could the spacer. Another point could be the forks topping out or bottoming out. The other obvious point is the stem is not properly seated.

Thanks. Tomorrow I'm going to finish off a few other things and then do the bearing check in the Haynes manual by suspending the front end. This issue has wasted too much time so my thinking is to complete everything else and come back to it. I may have a revelation while working on other parts.
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Solution was ride the heck out of it. Apparently the springs were sticking inside the fork bodies. Some good hard riding and everything is perfect.
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