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I don't quite follow it either...

I fitted my Zard downpipes a couple of days ago without too much hassle.
Removed the Ducati parts including the alloy mounting plate you refer to that sits behind the footrest.
Cleaned up (dremel on some welds plus glasspaper/scotchbrite on the pipes) and fitted the Zard system.
Checked alignment and found, as others have, that I needed to enlongate the hole on the Zard mounting tab by a mm or so but that was it. Tightened it up, job's a good 'un. No packing washers or anything.

What do you mean by 'cylindrcial index' ?

BTW, midrange exhaust note is now much 'rortier'. Not much louder, certainly not offensive. Lovely. Really works well with the Termi 2-1-2 cans (dB killers in). Ducshop velocity stack kit is en route after which it will, IMHO, be perfect...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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