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Injured local rider needs your help

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A bay area member of the Ducati Monster List was recently severly injured in a hit and run accident. Kurt Yeager (a.k.a. Crowbar) was riding home in the wee hours on a South San Francisco freeway when he was run off the road by a car that crossed multiple lanes to make an exit. The driver did not stop and may not even be aware of the accident that he caused.

Kurt suffered internal injuries, a broken pelvis, shattered left leg and torn ACL & MCL in the right leg. Although doctors attempted to save the Kurt's left leg, a severe infection manifested and they were forced to amputate below the knee. Kurt has already endured over a dozen surgeries since the accident. With more to come, it is anticipated that he will not be released from the hospital for another 3-4 months

Kurt remains undaunted; when the decision to amputate was made he was quoted as saying "I'm gonna have to figure out how I'm gonna shift". He and his wife, Sara, have received much support from the motorcycle community, but more will be needed as Kurt recovers and resumes his active lifestyle.
Kurt and Sarah are students, and although they have health insurance, it will not nearly cover the mountain of medical bills they will be facing. Kurt will likely have upwards of 20 surgeries and will need several prosthetics as his recovery progresses. We hope that he will be able to indulge in an additional specialized prosthetic that will allow him to enjoy motorcycling again

Below is a link to a paypal account that has been arranged inKurt and Sarah's name. Please think seriously about how you can afford to help.


If you prefer to send a check you can make it out Kurt Yaeger and mail it to his father's address at:

Kurt Yaeger
3843 Shamrock Court
South San Francisco, CA 94080

If you have any other questions please feel free to email Melissa at [email protected]

If this type of post is considered a solicitation - just PM me and I will quietly remove it.
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