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Anyone who is interested in joining DOC-DucSTL, needs to get in touch with me directly. You can Email me at [email protected]. DOC Italy, has a new way for clubs to register members online, which began in March 2009. It is no longer done the way we did in 2008, where I was able to take your info and register you. You need to register yourself online and then DOC asks the Club President for his approval to accept that person as a member.
So email me for the instructions on how to register. ** Reminder, if you don't register we aren't supposed to allow you to attend group activities. More importantly, you won't get the benefits that Ducati Owners Club provides, race discounts, direct contact with our sales and tech reps, etc. DOC Clubs, are closed clubs. You cannot use the Ducati Clubs logo's, and clubs aren't supposed to have non-members involved in club activities. So it's important that we recruit and you join if you want to take part in a club. We'll be having a meeting in another week. See meeting notice, which will be up in next 2 days.
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