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Okay, so your lowly admin is looking to go to the show.
Where is a good place to sit?

And anyone help me out in a place to sleep? Any hotels worthy of the head hitting the pillow?

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Info below posted on http://www.hoosierhooligans.org/forum/events-and-rides/2009-indy-motogp/85/

I went last year and had a blast - hope you can make it..

Posted By Grifo


at Indy MotoGP

August 27 - 31, 2009


Project Mugello Grandstand Tickets:

Leanne Markins, Indy Speedway - 317-492-8414

Tickets - $125

email Leanne at [email protected]

You Get:
- Special seating in Ducati Island's "Project Mugello" Grandstand
- 10% discount at the Hall of Fame Museum Gift Shop
- 2 Souvenirs (A visor with the Red Bull Indianapolis GP logo on it and a cinch bag with our Centennial logo on it.)
- Parking on the Backstretch (This is in addition to what DNA provides, can be Ducati's or non-Ducati's)
- Motorcycle Track Lap Friday am
Time: TBA


Both hotels have arranged special pricing for the Project Mugello group.

DOC Central Hotel I

Holiday Inn North

Direct Reservations 317-872-9790

Booking code Project Mugello 2009


To book online this is a special link for Project Mugello ONLY:


This hotel has a sports bar, water park, a good steak restaurant across the street and a huge parking lot for Project Mugello only. This hotel is very large and has the majority of the rooms.

Rates at this hotel are $149 for "regular rooms" like king and queen doubles for prime nights and $99 for the shoulder nights, plus tax. Water park tickets will be available by the day for $15 for Project Mugello 2009 participants staying in this hotel.

"DOC Central" Hotel II

Country Inn and Suites Indy North

317-876-0333 Speak to Amber Booking Code Project Mugello 2009

9797 North Michigan Road , Carmel, IN 46032
This hotel is smaller and has reserved it's parking lot for Ducati's ONLY, all cars/trucks/trailers will be parked off site. If you have a large truck/trailer you should stay at the Holiday Inn where parking is available. Friday night's dinner and party will be at this hotel.

Rates at this hotel for "regular" rooms are $90 for shoulder dates, $149 for prime nights, plus tax. Upgraded rooms and suites are slightly more.

Expected Schedule

(subject to change)

Thursday August 27

Speedway open to the public - free admisssion

Open House - Ducati Indianapolis

(Expected) Ducati Island Parking Pass distribution by DNA - Ducati Indianapolis, and again Friday am (same place)

Friday August 28

Track opens for MotoGP

Indy Speedway Track Lap in AM (standard disclaimer:Tenatively scheduled/could change)

Ducati Island Opens

Ducati Project Mugello Grandstand Opens

Big Friday night gathering - DOC Central hotel II (Country Inn and Suites Indy North)

Details TBA Closer to event date

Saturday August 29

MotoGP/Ducati Island Continues

Sunday August 30

"Red Snake" Ducati Group Ride escorted from Ducati Indy to Ducati Island

MotoGP/Ducati Island

Ducati Grandstand

Monday August 31

Putnam Park Ducati Only Track Day (with expected special guest instructors)

Must be booked through Sport Bike Track Time website or contact Ducati Indy for details.


Tickets on sale now

Advance Discount tickets available at The Indiana State Fairgrounds Box Office, any Ticketmaster location, www.ticketmaster.com, or by calling 1-800-745-3000. For additional ticket information and web links, please visit www.IndyMile.com.


Reserved Seats: Adult..........$35, $30 General Admission: Adult..........$20

GRANDSTAND Child..........$10 INFIELD Child..........$10


Reserved Seats: Adult..........$38, $33 General Admission: Adult..........$23

GRANDSTAND Child..........$13 INFIELD Child..........$13

*plus applicable fees/ Child ages: 12 and under

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I went last year but don't think its in the cards this year. Anyway I sat in the stands across the track from the Ducati seats and they were excellent. The Ducati seats are o.k. but don't have quite as good of view. That said you are in the Ducati fan area which is cool + you get a few extra perks I think. However you can go over there at anytime and visit if you don't do the Ducati package. The Ducati area is by far the best factory setup at the race. It was last year anyway.

If I can make one suggestion, its get a seat up higher in the stands, gives you better views........

Have fun...
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