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Don't have a duc, but i'd love to eventually.

I have a few ducati parts on almost all my bikes, and i admire the quality and performance.

I can look at a bike and see potential. Never saw a stock bike i 100% liked.

It's in my nature to modify. I've been looking for that sweet deal on a ducati motor so i can build a custom frame and swingarm for it.

been building with 2 wheels since i was 14

a few of my projects
got this bike for free, i ride it every day.

been transforming this for a long while. version 1- kz650

kz650...with a few suspension mods

swapped in a yamaha 1100 motor stroked and bored to 1286

tl1000s build

cb550 build for my wife (soon to have a ducati 916 swingarm and wheel)

plus 5 more bikes waiting in the wings for a modification of some sort.
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