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Ignition Timing

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I would like to work out what the ignition timing map is on various DP ECU's.

I haven't seen much discussion on ignition timing here on the forum.

Is there a location on the Ducati motors where TDC is marked (for each cylinder) that a timing light can be pointed at to try and map out ignition timing vs RPM?

Does the 5.9 ECU specify an ignition map based on rpm only, or rpm and throttle position, or other?

Thanks for any additional information.
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Timing marks are on the flywheel, and can be seen thru the view port on the left-side engine cover. They're pretty subtle marks... Pretty sure there's one for TDC for ea. cylinder, and one for full advance.

I asked a couple of years back about "where the engine hits full advance", but nobody replied.
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