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none of the injected bikes run wasted spark. they all fire once per cycle.

i'm pretty sure the carb alt cover has the pick up casting marks for the digiplex or p7/p8 ecu positions, not the 16m. the p7/p8 uses a single trigger on the timing gear for cycle position reference, which is a welded boss about 3/4 distance out.

the 16m 48/2 gear uses the timing gear teeth, so the pick up is positioned further away from the timing shaft axis. so you'd need to check the casting bosses to see whether they're relevant or not.

the tachos read a certain number of pulses per revolution (maybe 4, i forget now) as sent out by the ecu. so the tacho drive needs to be set up correctly as required.

i'm sure all 16 spline crank (1992 sometime) onwards timing gears are the same in terms of crank size. but the timing shaft diameter varies at the lh end bearing. not sure if there's a gear variation also. maybe get a pre 98 748/916 set, should be more accurate than a post 98 set for example. or check the parts lists for bearing sizes and match as required.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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