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I'm working on the idle on my bike, 2007 Monster S4R.

The emissions tag says idle timing is 6-degrees, the ignition map was saying the same stock. I'm trying to increase the idle timing and reduce the idle speed.

The hope was I could simply modify the timing map and the Idle Air circuit would figure out what it needed to do.

I increased the map to 10-degrees at idle (now changed to 8) and ran the bike, it was still idling at 6-degrees!
So I figured I would close-up the idle air screws and watch the timing increase. Nope, timing remained rock solid at 6-degrees and the Idle Air Circuit did what was required to keep the idle where I set it.

I'm thinking there must be a setting somewhere else that sets target idle timing.


So far I've been able to drop the idle from 1250 RPM to 1190 RPM, still rock solid.


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